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Friday, May 9, 2008

New Creepy Vis-a Poll !!!

Allrightythen. So, something new at Room 23. We have a Vis-a-Poll. At the right, you will find the poll set up like any other poll - but your answers are based upon your keen memory, or our lovely screencaps snapped during this poster's lonely, pathetic life. A lot like Johnny stuffed in a Locke-R I am. Locke-R. Pathetic...yet clever.

So, submitted for your evaluation are Five options:

The first one shown and number one in many of YOUR Hearts, I give you Dr. Richard Alpert of Mittelos Bioscience and Very Special Schools - here at John Locke's birth by a very sassy Emily Locke.

Number Two - Matthew Abaddon. Evil mastermind, orderly, and giver of not so free advice. "You owe me one" will clearly not be the next round of beers.

"I'm Christian" would be creepy appearance number Three. He's Christian, he's dead, and he's GOT SOME FANCY NEW BOOTS! Where does one shop for new boots when a dead reappearance of a castaway's drunk father needs new boots?
Number Four on the charts but Number one in MY heart - Claire Bear. I will post some more screencaps of her - and let me tell you, she saves her sexiest/creepiest looks for later. But this is her "appearance". Your call.

And this is just a filler picture, holding the place of the choice of OTHER. Use the Comments section below to let us know what your OTHER is. This is the "appearance" of Jacob's Cabin. But since a cabin is not a person, it is not an option unless you choose it to be so. Or anything else that moves you from Episode 11, Cabin Fever.

Votes Away! Thanks for Playing!

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