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Friday, May 9, 2008

Our Very Own Mini-Spoiler

I have not viewed this elsewhere and caught it on a screengrab I did while rendering video last night.

Continue on With >>>InvisoText<<<>

We were told Richard would be in two episodes. It appears he has returned to the island in "Lostie" time. Unless my peepers deceive me - that is Mr. Alpert the gang has their guns focused on.

One small observation. Locke does not appear to know Richard, despite the childhood visit. Is Richard perhaps not old, but using The Orchid to zip around time and space? The trip to see kid-Locke could have just happened. And the past if altered. Locke would recognize Richard now, would he not? So...stay aware for any tell-tale signs of recognition if they cross paths this week.

On to the mini-spoiler pic...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey, I thought that was Alpert too! Glad to see others can agree with me.

But let's forget about "Locke doesn't remember Alpert." Locke was just a kid!!! Why on earth would he remember a person he met for 5 minutes at age 5??