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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Where are They Now? Apparently Fox.

I was catching up on the latest episodes of Bones, and in Ep 10 and then Ep 11 who do I find? First Tom Friendly shows up as a scheister lawyer with genuine facial hair.

Then, the beautiful Dr Temperence Brennen gets some Arzt on her.

Nice to see our deceased Losties getting work. Believe it or not, Paolo is starring opposite Jim Carrey in a dark comedy due out this month. And I
still have two more eps to watch of Bones to watch.

Adding a 3rd Pic with the wonderful EDIT feature. As the old man said to Eric Idol once, "But I'm not dead yet. I feel happy!" ($0.19 to the person who knows which movie that is from). Nice to see Danial Dae Kim with work on top of LOST - this is from the remake of The Andromeda Strain, one of my favorite Crichton books. Still can't sit through this remake, however. The original movie is hokey but a decent representation from the book. This one... until I can watch the whole thing I can't give it an honest review. Nice to hear and understand Dan for a change, however.

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