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A gathering place for those who love the ABC TV show Lost. This blog was started by a group of Fans who kept the Season 3 finale talkback at Ain't It going all the way until the première of the 4th season as a way to share images, news, spoilers, artwork, fan fiction and much more. Please come back often and become part of our community.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The AICN TB/Lost Room 23 Podcast

It occurs to me that with this shiny new web cam and Mic, there is great responsibility. And in a perfect world, once we get rolling, others who have web cams can "Host" the PodCast. What I am thinking is 5 questions, submitted for 3 to 4 days on the AICN TB, Room 23, email, smoke signal, Morse code. Every week we pic a person to read through the questions, collaborate with friends, and do a webcast / podcast on the stuff!!!!!! How fun can that be! We will mix around who leads the show All that is needed is a webcam. What do you think? Humanity sent folks to the moon, certainly we can put together an entertaining once a week podcast, hey? Leave your comments below. If enough are interested I have an idea of how to kick of PodCast #1. Maybe base your decisions based on what you see. I hope it is favorable! Your Fan in LOST! Edshrinker

And thanks to the work of Napoleon Park, I have taken one of his models, "aged it up" nicely and will incorporating it into further Room 23 productions.

Any feedback, suggestions....please - this is the time to do this, The more the marrier. I do not mind being the face of the podcast initially since I have the toys...but but switching up presenters as well as question submitters will add to the professionalism of this project. SO this is my proposal...lets run with it. What do you think ou there in LOST land???


Napoleon Park said...

Eddy, thanx for the credit and you're welcome. Really, I took your design, blacked in the corners, embossed it and changed the fonts, using the Will Elder Mad comics font for Room 23 productions. So it was a collaboration between you, I and the late Villie. (And I did less work than the dead guy.) Good work with the addition of the dust, specks and scratch lines - I can't wait to see in on screen with the "old classroom movie" jitters.

I try to help but know very little about Podcasts - rarely ever seen one. I'll have a clearer idea of what you have in mind pmce I've seen one.

I tossed out an idea for a short edit of the Ben video tracking his arm wound and posted it in the comments here and at AICN if you can use that.

And to be the completely self serving egotist you know damn well I am, if you'd like to do a feature on the Lost: Shooting Gallery game, I'd be cool with that. It was a silly idea and I didn't expect it to be a smash hit, but I didn't think it would be almost completely ignored, either.

I hope you aren't getting too over-excited about trying to forge an official (sponsorship) link between AICN and Room 23, but, hey, I'm a loser and a quitter and you won't know unless you try. I'm here to help with what I can do - your natural exuberance is contagious.

Edshrinker said...

You're right about the pipe dream with AICN. But I fugure persistance pays once and a blue moon. Hurley won the lottery after all. Oh wait...that was cursed...nevermind.

Anyway - on a boring news day, maybe Harry or Mort will hit play, see the love invested in it. drop by Room 23, and find we really have our shite together for a bunch of fanboys.

No egoism there buddy...a feature on the board game is a GREAT idea. It involves Lost and it is done by one of us. I see a natural feature right there. I'll let you know w hat Ilk and I are up too - we may not get to it 1st, bu tit will be featured, I promise. We are both newbies, and right now the rough drafts are pretty awful. We're determined though!

rbrog77 said...

I like the idea Ed. Count me in for at least the Q&A part. I don't have a web cam per se, but we do have one here in the dept I'll be using soon and could subvertly use...maybe. I do have a face for radio, though, as the video we just did proves yet again.

Node32774 said...

I liked the older version better.

Paul Burrows said...

This ones easyer to read. I don't have a webcam or any of that stuff, but Im willing to help in what ever manner you might need. Im in the process of working on some other blog stuff, but let me know what help you need.

Paul Burrows said...

Awsome idea Man!

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea, Ed! I'll be glad to read or present on the webcast/podcast later this summer. I've got webcam capabilities, just might need some help with the technical aspects.

redfishbluefish said...

while this one is lovely, i do kinda like the first one best. clean and simple and more like the LOST dharma logos. and i always love the scratchy aging.

i kind of like the embossed look, but the comic book font on the 'room 23' looks weird to me.

you may be able to steal the original from this blog, if you like. you did post it.