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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lost Season 1 DVD Easter Eggs

Im also putting this near the bottom of the Sidebar area.

Alternate Title Sequence
To access the alternate title sequence, go to the main menu of disc 7 and press left twice from the "Tales From The Island" option. This will move the cursor next to the words "Disc 7"

French Repeating Message
On Disc 2, go to the Episodes menu. Move the selector dot to the "Main Menu" and press the right key/arrow. You'll see a new dot in the green leaves. Click it to hear the French repeating message --and the iteration count increases from 17294531 to 17294535

Alternate Deleted Scene
Insert Disc 7: Bonus Features, Choose "Deleted Scenes". Choose "The Climb", push "Select" or "Play"(Not actually required to see the egg but it will not be as funny without it.) Choose "The Climb", push the left arrow key on your remote three times. The first two will get no response. On the third a dot will appear on the screen, lit up as a selection. Push "Select" or "Play". You will see a hilarious alternate version of the end sequence of "The Climb".

Locke and the Orange
Select "Tales From the Island" on Disc 7, then highlight "Main Menu," press right, and then enter.

Plane Crash
Go to the main menu on Disc 6 (the one that shows the plane in the tree). This is going to take some patience, but let the menu loop for about 7 or 8 times (maybe less). At which point the camera tilts down, following the plane as it falls out of the tree and hits the earth.

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