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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lance Reddick will continue with Lost as well as Fringe

Question: Have you made a plan with Damon to share Lance Reddick?

Abrams: [Laughs] We've figured out how that's gonna work. It will be easier for Lost to get him through us then if he'd taken some other show



redfishbluefish said...

hey paul, just wanted to say a thank you for the orange font. it is MUCH easier to read than the red. keep up the great work.

Edshrinker said...

Hey....I do the Red font! What you trying to say, Fishy!!!

Allllllriiiight. My HOT red font is out. Hmph. I'll find another.


Tell you finace - congrats on his Wings.

Paul Burrows said...

Orange is my favorate color.