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Friday, June 27, 2008

LOST's "The Constant" is Emmy Worthy

Congrats to LOST and Henry Ian Cusack for making the Emmy short list for "The Constant".

Remembering the feeling that episode generated upon first viewing, I believe I said something about it being the best hour of TV I may have ever seen. That was a popular opinion and it appears the TV Muckities share some of that enthusiasm.

On a personal note, love seeing Dexter on the list as well. I have a "Lost-Like" affection for that show.


"Boston Legal" ("The Court Supreme")
"Damages" (Pilot)
"Dexter" ("The Dark Defender")
"Friday Night Lights" ("Leave No One Behind")
"Grey’s Anatomy" ("Freedom, Parts 1 and 2")
"House" ("Frozen")
"Lost" ("The Constant")
"Mad Men" (Pilot, "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes")
"The Tudors" (#205)
"The Wire" (Series finale, "30")

As a matter of interest, here are the nominees for Best Comedy Series:

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" ("The Bat Mitzvah")
"Entourage" ("The Day F***ers")
"Family Guy" ("Padre de Famila")
"Flight of the Conchords" ("Sally Returns")
"The Office" (title to come)
"Pushing Daisies" ("Pie-lette")
"30 Rock" ("Cooter")
"Two and a Half Men" ("Rough Night in Hump Junction")
"Ugly Betty" ("Something Wicked This Way Comes")
"Weeds" ("Go").

Flight of the Conchords!!!! What are the chances Bret and Jemaine walk off with that? Not real good it appears. I will still never understand the hold of "Two and a Half Men" as I never witnessed anything remotely worth laughing over in limited viewing.



Paul Burrows said...

Yes! The Office is on the list!

Napoleon Park said...

Even though I watch way too much TV, since I only have basic cable I've only seen a few of the nominees here.
But that Boston Legal where Alan Shore argues before (and occasionally with) the Supreme Court was absolutely the show at it's finest - certainly their best episode of the year, maybe of all time.
And hearing (an actor portraying) a Supreme Court Justice telling Alan Shore "I've had about enough or your liberal speech-making." had to have been tossed in for the neo-coons who gripe about the shows "librul bias".

Also glad to see the "Pushing Daisies" pilot get some lovin'.