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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Moriarty Is Giving Us Some Love

Moriarty has visited the chat room that Gotilk started. I know he reads the talkback page, and I do believe Moriarty has visited the blog as well.

Well, today, Moriarty dropped a message in the chat room.

[17:12] Okay... getting ready to go shoot a G4 special about LOST.
[17:13] Gonna throw the blog and the chatroom a reference, so let's see if we can get you guys some summer traffic.
[17:13] Is there any crazy theory you guys would like to hear on the special? A pet theory of the room perhaps?

and the follow up:

[20:59] <+Moriarty> Cool. Did the appearance. They may screenshot the chat room and the blog in the actual special as we talk about it.

It was a short sweet visit, but he is still logged on and that means he will see our response. If you don't wish to join the chat, just leave a comment here regarding your thoughts or ideas. He may just be reading it!!

Thank you for the love, Moriarty.

The Room 23 Gang


Edshrinker said...

Great job Fishy. Nice to see the recognition - and you caught it. Would never have known if you hadn't posted this.

HoboCode said...

wow. Cool Fishy. I'd chat if I wasn't too technologically inept to get it working.