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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Poll Results: What Movies have you ether seen or will see this Summer?

I can't take the credit for drawing this, but I found it and couldn't resist posting it. I have no idea who created it. Looks like Comicbook movies are the most antisipated movies this year with action Adventure movies coming close behind. This is turning out to be an awsome Summer for Movies. This is also the most voted on Poll so far.

Iron Man
58 (93%)

Prince Caspian
17 (27%)

Indiana Jones 4
53 (85%)

Kung-Fu Panda
13 (20%)

Incredible Hulk
38 (61%)

29 (46%)

Dark Knight
60 (96%)

Mama Mia
1 (1%)

Sex & the City
5 (8%)

The Happening
21 (33%)

Hellboy 2
31 (50%)

Mummy 4
7 (11%)

16 (25%)

Speed Racer
6 (9%)

Get Smart
17 (27%)

X-Files 2
36 (58%)

11 (17%)

Votes so far: 62

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