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Friday, June 27, 2008

Diet Dharma Dew

There is art.

Then there is "Holy Crap. in that real?!?!"

All Hail Barfy on the photo!! This looks real enough for Hurley to wash down with those ancient DI 9 FFTR731 Soda Crackers.

PepsiCo is SO missing the boat on this endorsement deal.

Thank you so very much Barfy the Dog for the fine job and for E-Mailing me this picture.


Cheif Brody said...

Ed...I only have a phone pic of my Dharma "Mammal Crackers" (Animal Cracker knock off) jug...ya give me yer number and I'll send it to you. No way to get it out of my fone and e-mail it to you. Great Dew Can, Barfy!! -Cheif

theredtoad said...

We should all submit hilarious Dharma products. I have a good idea for Dharma gas masks, so the Purge couldn't happen again, lol!

Edshrinker said...

The Humans are DEAD

(Yes they are dead)