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Sunday, June 1, 2008

LOST Season Finale 4x14 The Freighter Explodes

This is for NP

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Napoleon Park said...

Okay, I was wrong. Jin is seen at the 3:43 mark on this clip, the ship explodes at 4:16, a full 33 seconds later. Plenty of time for him to put on a life vest, jump over the side, swim to the Zodiac raft and paddle to Alcatraz.

So, not to be too critical of the writing here, but "this crate is too heavy," "Sun, listen to me, take the baby" and "This crate is running on fumes!" were ALL in my fan-fiction "The Last Flight of the Oceanic Six" and if I write it, you know it's cliched.
Oh, and I love Dr. Jack's line "Lapidus, take us back to the island." Duh, do ya think, doc? Considering the freaking freighter just blew up and there's about a gallon of gas in the chopper, where else could they go? Maybe if he'd yelled "Lapidus, take us to Sydney, Australia... fast!" they would have made it?