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Monday, June 2, 2008

Proof That Jin Is Alive!

I can admit it when I was wrong, and obviously Jin is alive. As can quite clearly be seen here, he left the freighter and swam to the zodiac raft and paddled away before the explosion engulfed the deck in flames.

Seriously, my three or four seconds estimate was way off - in the clip below Jin is last seen in the deck of the feighter at 3:43 and the explosion occurs at 4:16, 33 seconds later. Plenty of time for him to have abandoned ship and gotten far enough away to avoid being towed under along with the sinking vessel. I was wrong, Jin is Alive.


Cbake said...

I personally believe Jin is alive. I mean, he's gotta have a reunion with his wife and daughter, right? (Course, you'd think Michael would get a reunion with Walt... maybe as part of Jacob's Ghost Posse on the Island once Walt and the O6 make it back there...).

But, its also possible the Powers That Be wanted to make it ambiguous as to whether or not anyone made it off the Freighter. Seeing Jin standing on the deck would be pretty definitive.

But, with the time discrepancy you noted bt the last time we see Jin alive and when the Freighter explodes, I think any smart man (like Jin), would have jumped into the water when its obvious the copter wasn't going to pick him up.
--D.Vader =D

redfishbluefish said...

jin is alive! i need to believe.

Cbake said...
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Cbake said...

We need to get that UFO poster from Mulder's office in "The X-Files" and photoshop Jin's face, or the Freighter in place of the flying saucer with the phrase "I Want To Believe" under it.

Holy crap, I think that's a brilliant banner to have for the next 8 months.
--D.Vader =D