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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lost and The Daily Show: A Match Made in Heaven


Edshrinker said...

There a so many reasons why this might be THE COOLEST THING TDS HAS EVER DONE!

Wow. Node - great job...You musta FREAKED when watching TDS and this came up..Like ..."What did I just hear???"

Man. Life is boring without Lost. What are we to do in June 2010????


Napoleon Park said...

"A Polar Bear on a tropical island!?! There are SO MANY reasons why that is amazing!"
I almost never use the popular Internet acronym LOL unless something actually makes me laugh out loud. This clip did that for me. LOL!
[When I post Blogger comments on Flashpeak Slimbrowser I have to sign in and do the word verification even if I'm already signed in with g-mail. This is another reason why Mozilla Firefox 3.0 rules.]

redfishbluefish said...

the best! thank you! although it wouldn't play for me here in canada, the image helped me know which clip to look for on our station that plays it. brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Great clip. Just when you thought the metaphor was over, they kept going. Thanks for the heads up!