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Friday, June 13, 2008

Thoughts Tabula Rasa

Its interesting seeing Kate's first flashback. Hows the big things was was her being a convict her that being a secret.

Great scene between Sawyer & Jack in the plane Sawyer looting and Jack looking for medicine. Establishes sawyer as a jerk right off. Its been interesting watching his progression during the 4 seasons.

Great use of a Patsy Cline in what would turn out to be used with her in the future.

Plus the scene with Walt telling Michael that about Locke secret that island healed him.

Its was funny when Michael ran in topless Sun.

Its weird watching this now think of Kate as the criminal and not at as the love interest or heroine that she become.

Its interesting that just like Locke Kate get Sawyer to shoot the Marshall. Sawyers is the go to guy for shooting people. Although not expertly this time.

Its interesting that Vincent appears to Locke, since Vincent is looking after Jack, Although since Locke has a connection the the island maybe that why he went to him.

Then at the end Hurley listens to his Walkman. Jin is nice Sun and Boone is nice Shannon, Sayid is nice Sawyer, Charlie tape his fingers and write FATE, Michael get Vincent back Close up on creepy Locke face.


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redfishbluefish said...

haven't watched it yet, but wanted to say how much i like the pictures down the sidebar! looking good paul!