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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pilot episode poll

Would the show be as good if Jack had died and Kate was the leader?

Yes (Please leave a comment)

No (Please leave a comment)


Napoleon Park said...

...Um, i'm not sure how to vote, the way this is phrased. Would LOST be as good... Or Better... without Jack? Yes. With Kate as lead character? No.
Right from the start, whenever the media or ABC would announce that "a major character will die", I've been right there in the Kill Kate group. A small minority, maybe. But somehow the young attractive role model characters who are supposed to be a show's stars always seem less interesting than the supporting players. True of Lost and Grey's Anatomy, true of Bones and Criminal Minds. Not true of House, MD. Or Medium. True of Venture Brothers. Not true of Swingtown. But with LOST - look how the supporting characters like Locke and Ben have turned into the show's stars and minor players like Keamy seem to have become "fan favorites"

Anonymous said...

No - it had to have been Jack. Had they killed him off in the Pilot, right around when the pilot was killed, I would have lost lots of interest in the show!