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Friday, June 6, 2008

Watchback: Here we go again! My Thoughts on the "Pilot 1"

This is exciting, I remember last year when we did this and hope fun it was sifting for clues on where the series would go.

Watching the first scene knowing about the Christian, Vincent Mobisode both adds to it and boggles my mind. Its great seeing Boone again and all of his ineptness and adding that scene with him further searching for a pen in the Paulo Nikki episode. Its great how most of the main characters are introduced in that amazing crash scene. Hurley, Rose (although knocked out), Boone, Charlie, Michael screaming Walt, Shannon (I think that was the scream that Jack first heard). Not to mention when Jack come to the beach its silent and then he look over and hear her scream. People say that Jack woke up far from the beach, but it doesn't seem far to me. Not any further then where Bernard landed in the Tail Section crash. A lot of great little character moments.

Then there was the first Kate, Jack scene that was recalled in the season 3 episode at the end of the fall block when Jack was operating on Ben. There also the scene where Jack is standing at the opening of the plane which is copied again in the season 4 finale except with the cockpit part of the plane. Kate said that if it where her she would have run for the door. That and her rubbing her wrists were hints about her being a convict on the run.

Looking at the Sun Jin scenes Jin comes across more as protective then mean, Although he probably still had some of her Dad's influence in his personality. Its interesting that Kate said that during the crash she had her eyes open while Jack had his closed (being knocked out). Also that Jack had taken a few flying lessons, I wonder if that will ever be touched on. Although it was probably not enough to do anything with them.

Looks like Jack was some what of a boozer before the island. I guess with all that he did to his Father and that Christian did to him it would make you that way. Its also great seeing the connection that Jack & Rose make on the plane, that's why flashbacks were so great on this show.

Its interesting how much of a leader Sayid was in the beginning. I love it when Hurley spells bodies in front of Walt and Walt spells it better then Hurley.

Watching the Locke orange scene is more funny now then scary. What was interesting was seeing Vincent watch Jack, Kate & Charlie through the bushes. Almost like he was watching over Jack like Christian had told him to. Another interesting scene was the very brief one with Locke standing in the rain with his arms out, he does it again in season 4 when leading his group to find Jacob's cabin. I remember people thinking he was wacko for doing it in season 4.

I'm curious if Ben had sent the Smoke Monster to kill the Pilot or if Jacob did, or if it was acting on its own. The Pilot stupidly stuck its head out the window, so I wonder if it was really going after him or someone else & he happened to stick his head out?

Its interesting that Jack (In Script stages only when it was a different actor) was originally going to die and that Kate was going to be a soccer Mom who would take over as leader.

POOM Man this is so cool watching these again!

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