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Monday, June 2, 2008

THoughts on "Theres No Place Like Home" 2 & 3

It was great getting then extra addition to the we have to go back. Man Kate is angry at Jack, Im wondering how Jack is going to get Kate & Sun to return back.

I so loved the Keemy Sayid fight, so great! Kind of like the Ethan Jack fight.

It was great seeing Walt again, its sad watching now knowing that Michael is dead and that Hurley wasn't able to or didn't know about it to tell him about it.

I love Locke & Jacks Bygones by Bygones talk. I wonder if Jack was supposed to take Locke's place like Locke toke Jacks place, but got killed. Its interesting Darlton in the commentary of "Man of Science, Man of Faith" said that Jack was the Man of Science AND the Man of Faith. he has seen many miracles and still goes back & forth a lot. I wonder why Ben told Locke to go down to the Orchid without the real instructions of blowing up the machine and going down to the Donkey wheel.

I loved the little moment between Michael & Sun where she tells him that she was pregnant. Hailing back to their friendship/relationship from season 1.

I loved Rose when she said that she would be watching Miles. His discussion with Charlotte was interesting also. I remember that CS Lewis's Narnia books were about the children going to Narnia doing what they were called to do, leaving and then latter when Narnia need them again it would find a different way to call them back. This could be true with both Charlotte, the OC 6 & Michael.

I love Locke expression when Ben was doing the exact thing that the video said not to do. Im betting the fact that the Orchid tape stopped & rewound meant that there was more tape somewhere that will pop up latter.

I love Sawyer & Franks hacksaw moment.

I love how Locke & Ben leaves the TV on as a distraction like Desmond did when Jack first came into the swan hatch. Then Ben uses creepy Locke to throw him off guard.

I felt bad for Hurley when Frank said that they need to remove a few hundred pounds from the copper. When Sawyer jumped off I was worried that Ezra James Sharkington would return.

I love how Sayid is playing Bond in the future. I'm curious where Sayid "Somewhere Safe" for Hurley would be? I love Hurley's checkmate Mr. Eko. line.

It looks like Ben was the first one to find Widmore.

I love Michael & Jin's moment together about him being a Father & Husband and needing to leave.

Sun's meeting with Widmore is going to be another big problem in Jack getting the OC 6 to return.

Juliet & Sawyer look good together I actually hope that they get together. I'm surprised that they were able to see the boat from the shore when they weren't able to during the whole season. It was kind of sad seeing Ben tell Locke that he was no longer the leader. Ben falling from the ladder explains why he had a cut in his arm when he appeared in the desert. I curious though when Jacob spoke with Ben about moving the island and his banishment. maybe Jacob spoke through his thoughts?

The helicopter crashing in the Ocean reminded me of when the Tailies crashed into the water and had to get to the shore.

Kate's dream was odd, kind of like when Remy appeared to Locke in a dream. I'm confused as to why Claire or ghost Claire would not want Kate to bring Aaron back to her when the Psychic Malkin told her that bad things would happen if anyone else toke care of Aaron.

It was bitter sweet seeing the OC 6 pull up to that beach.

So I'm curious as to what the very bad things that happened after Jack left and why it was Jacks fault. I'm curious as to how Jack will convince Kate & Sun to return also all of them does that mean Desmond & Frank? And why bring Locke body back? will that resurrect him? or do something else?

The ending reminds me of the ending in the sixth Harry Potter book. At that point Dumbledore was dead things looked really bad, but Harry knew what he had to do to end Voldemort finally. Now Locke has died and Jack with Ben's help knows that he has a purpose and what he has to do (with Ben's help) to save the island.

Great but difficult things are about to come in the next two seasons.

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