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Friday, June 20, 2008

Watchback: White Rabbit

This is the first episode where Jack starts really taking over as the actual leader of the survivors. Before he was looked to as a leader, but this is where he actually accepts his role that the Bai Ling character tattoos on his arm as a leader of others. Its interesting what motivates him & Locke both of them have something to prove to a Father figure, which is exactly what motivates Jack. in this episode Jack follows his ghost Father just like Alice followed the White Rabbit into the hole. Jack almost fell into a hole, but Locke saved him and taught him about the importance of taking on the mantle of leadership.
Its interesting how manipulative both of Locke & Jack's parents are and how both of their actions ultimately lead them to the flight. Its also interesting Locke has been the one who has ultimately been the one to always try to push Jack to be the leader that he needed to be. First he helped him decide to be leader and as Darlton said in a season 2 commentary that Jack is in reality both the Man of Faith & the Man of Science. Locke has always tried to get Jack to believe. Locke was even the one who when everything went badly because he left Locke gave his life to get Jack to come back to the island. I Think of Jack as the reluctant hero and Locke as the master teacher who constantly tries to get him to stand up and to be the hero that he needs to be. To believe in himself and to be who he is supposed to be. Both have an important role to play, both have a different journey to take.
Its interesting that Jack starts seeing Christian, As of yet we have not seen how he died. The morgue said it was a heart attack from alcohol. Maybe he drank himself to death after Sawyer left him at the bar, but I'm guessing not. Somehow he died, but I'm guessing that it had more to do with the island and its power & pull even off the island. I'm guessing that island somehow influenced Christian to visit Claire and somehow while doing that the island somehow killed him because Jacob needed him to help watch over Jack since it also needed Jack to be a main part of what went on, on the island. Its also an interesting sign of Christian and the fact that he is working for Jacob by the fact that we see a bit of the Smoke Monster in the treetops when Jack sees Christian when Boone is ragging on him for not leaving him and going after the drowning girl.
This is also the episode where Claire & Charlie start their relationship Although there is the Greatest Hits flashback where they actually first meet. I also love the Sawyer & Shannon moment where her money is not good here when she wants suntan lotion.

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