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Monday, June 23, 2008

Watchback: House of the Rising Sun

This episode touched on a lot of themes that would come back later. Biggest of all would be the separation of the survivors Both in this season they brooke up half wanting to survive and the other half wanting to be rescued.

It also dealt with the watch which later turned up in season 4 when Michael traded it for a gun to kill himself. But that watch also came to represent Michael & Jins eventual friendship.
This episode also was important because it showed how some characters who were jerk eventually because nice like Jin & Sawyer and others like Sun proved to be more two faced and self serving.

Both Charlie & Hurley had a lot of great lines with Jack & Kate, plus we got a nice end to a bee chase. Speaking of which we were introduce to Adam & Eve which JAck said had to have been at least 40 years dead which would put them just before Dharma or even during. Maybe Ben found Annie cheating on him and killed them both, maybe it was to of the Hostiles? TheBlack & WHite stones reminded me of how Darlton said that Jack was bot the Man of Science & the Man of Faith and howhe has constantly been in that inbattle with himself.

I also really liked the Locke Charlie moments when he was helping him start to get off drugs.

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