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Monday, June 16, 2008


I love this episode. Sun becomes babysitter for the first time Walt.

Latter she watches Aaron.

Jack seems to have started taking over making tough decission in this episode and is looked to as leader.

I love the we hunt moment where Locke throw his knife.

Charlie's crush on Shannon is funny. Its would have been funny if she would have like instead.

Its also interesting seeing Locke wheelchair when Boone is telling Jack about Rose not eatting.

It would have also been interesting to have seen Sayid & Kate get together as a couple.

I like seeing Locke playing his game as the underdog talking about destiny knowing that Abaddon had told him abouthow he need to go on a walkabout and I Helen is even mention in it all. Its interesting how much losing the real Helen just messed him up.

I love Rose and her moments with Jack or Charlie, she's like the heart of the series.

Kate does a lot of tree climbing in the series.

Its seem like a boar runs into some trees and the monster comes out. I remember him telling Eko that it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seene. He also is given the boar he was chasing. almost like Abraham's Ram caught in the Thicket after the angel stopped him from sacrificing Issac. The Island maybe helped him find & catch it?

I love the Charlie, Hurley Fishing scene.

This is also the episode where the seed are planted about the Tailies and of Christian.

And Locke says "Don't tell me what I can't do" for the first of many time.
THis episode was almost called Lord of the Files.
They tryed to keep blues & Green out of Flashbacks.
A bonding scene got cut out between Locke & Kate where Kate ask Locke his name.
A wheelchair was inserted into the Pilot episode.


redfishbluefish said...

love the addition of your illustrations. they're great.

Paul Burrows said...

Thanks Red

theredtoad said...

Awesome Hurley sketch. Awesome.

Paul Burrows said...

Thanks TheRedToad