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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cindy, Emma and Zach Go To The Zoo.

In the AICN talk-back Lucid Dreamstate asked about the flight attendent showing up outside the fishbiscuit cage. I responded thusly:
- - - - -
Cindy Chandler was the stewardess aboard Flight 815. She observed Charlie Paces eratic behavior, alerted her fellow flight attendants and they pursued him into the rest room at the front end of the plane very shortly before the crash. Apparently she was directed to return to the rear of the plane - she was in the back when the plane broke apart and landed with the tail section survivors (tailies).

During the trip to the beach, she instinctively took the rear guard position and was "taken" by the Others.

Once relocated to the Others camp on the Alcatraz Island she realized that the best way to prevent the kidnapped children Zach and Emma from being frightened was to act as if everything was all right. That accounts for her apparently Stockholm Syndrome-like adaptation to the Others community.

This cannot be confirmed but I believe Cindy and the children are still at the Others camp with the children and some of the members of Juliet's book club.
- - - - -
Above is a picture I located - Cindy, Emma and Zach outside the cages.

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Jamie said...

Cindy had a conversation with Locke when he first joined the others' camp in "The Man from Tallahassee" how they had been waiting a long time for him. it implied she has been an other the entire time, even before the crash.