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Monday, June 9, 2008

The Story of Benjamin Linus: After the FDW - Part 2


Paul Burrows said...

Awsome work Ed! Thanks for your efforts. It makes me wonder now if when Sayid shot Nadia's killer if those extra anger shot were in response to Keemy being not really dead when Richard shot him. Although Im not quite sure how Sayid would have known about that. Maybe Ben told him off camera?

Also Im not quite sure if what Ben said about Sayid thinking with his heart reather then his gun has been answered quite yet?

Edshrinker said...

Yea - you assume Nadia is the answer...but could there be another person that caused harm because Sayid displayed mercy???

Nah. I think we MAKE this harder than it is at times. Even when answers are right in front of us we like to say, "well, no maybe this is a red herring". It's hard , 'cause that Darlton is a sneaky duo.

ANYONE catch the easter egg yet?

Napoleon Park said...

Ed, here's an idea:

This is mostly recycled from work you've already done and should make a tight couple of minutes to clinch the argument that Ben teleported and time traveled for all the doubters.

Ben enters the passage behind the exploded Bunny vault. He kicks out the ice cap. he starts down the ancient wooden ladder. It collapses under his weight and he falls. he rises, wincing in pain, and sees that he's torn the sleeve of his Dharka and injured his arm.

He chips the ice from the frozen donkey wheel, pries it lose, drops the crowbar and and wraps his injured arm over the wheel, pushing with his chest. He sobs in pain and regret as the white light engulfs him

And awakens in the Sahara. He gingerly touches his freshly wounded arm. The Bedouin tugs off his Dharka and Ben winces in pain and feels his injured arm. After slaying the Bedouins he bandaged his slashed arm.

He asks the hotel clerk the date... and year. He ascends the stairs and we see that the bandage on his arm is soaked in blood.

poom - LOST.

That progression of scenes, while perhaps not conclusive, would certainly strongly imply that he teleported and time traveled directly from the frozen donkey wheel room to the Sahara.

Paul Burrows said...

I know that this is blasphamy but wouldn't it be funny if season 4 started with Jacob telling Ben that he was banished like when Darth Vader spoke to the Emorer holo projection in Empire Strikes Back and then cut to ben moving the FDW and it lights up, but then Ben doesn't get transported and the FDW powers down once the island gets moved.

Ben happily climbs up whats left of the ladder goes up the elevator and procedes toward the docks Locke & Richard staring at him all the while with open mouths and hops in to Desmonds boat and sails off.

Then have some lame excuse for him appearing in the desert.

THat would make a lot of fans very angry, but it would be funny.

Napoleon Park said...

Paul, call me a blass-femur but I love that idea. Hey, Benjamin was banished by the others and Jacob wouldn't talk to him any more. So the Island refuses to teleport him, his claim to have taken Desmond's boat is true, and... well, he'd need some far fetched valid excuse for waking up in the desert wearing a Dharma parka Dharka with a fresh bleeding wound under the old cut in the sleeve... ten months later. I have no idea how they could justify that, but it would be awesome if they did. LOVE IT.