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Monday, June 16, 2008

The Vile Vorticies
In the picture above and below, you have a variety of answers...many of each could be a prior location of the island, if you follow the following logic. Yemi's plane, Amelia Earhart, The Black Rock... as easy as those things could have been transported through the Vile Vortices to the Island...the question is, could the Island use these same Vortices to transport itself? Juliet's transport via the Bermuda Vorticy, Yemi's plane via the Algerian Megalithe...if people and things can be transported why not places? The Island moved, it had to move somewhere, and more to the point - it had to move SOMEHOW? So would not occum's razor suggest the same technological/mystical/magical means to move people would be used to move the island too? No, really, I'm asking?? I'm a shrink not a physicist. It just makes sense to me.

I know - there be a whole lot of assumin' goin' on. If we assume the Vile Vorticies is a part of the equation for the Orchid's power. If we assume the vorticies are fixed in space but not in time - that you caould appear exactly where you are supposed to, but the when is a bit more complicated (see Ben's chat with the lovely hotel clerk regarding the date and YEAR in Episode 9, The Shape of Things to Come). And Assume - the island will find vorticies that are in appear over land or for Christ's sake, over a city, would be a catastrophe. I can't rule it out...and these are assumptions albeit week ones, but maybe there is a failsafe that moves the island through Vorticies that are in water. Or over Canada. There's nothing important in Canada, especially near Toronto to crush with an island, Is there? ;>} Biggus Fishus ;>}

So, where and when could the Island be? Your answers in the comments section below.
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