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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Down the Rabbit Hole?

As Bigus Fishus posted, Hans Van Eeghen is the name we are given as "Octagon Global Recruiting" finally replied to the emails that we all sent after the commercial aired during the Season 4 Finale of Lost.

And as Lostpedia has noted
The Van Eeghen Group is a member of a very exclusive club, The Henokiens.

Take a trip to the Home of the Henokiens, and the Association's moniker gives us...

And as we are aware, The Orchid station identifies itself with:

Is it a coincidence? Well I think we know better with Lost. One of the links on the Henokien's page is to take a trip in their "Time Machine" (Makes "quote" marks with fingers). And the Orchid Station is used for Time Traveling Bunnies, so the "Time Machine" (Makes "quote" marks with fingers) is not figurative, but quite real in the context of the show.

So the monikers are similar, but if we are dealing with a literal "Time Machine" (Makes "quote" marks with fingers) than the ripples or circles make sense, but the split, the whale tail at he end of the spiral...

What could be the literal interpretation? Divergent outcomes throught he ripples of time? Save the Whales? If it is intended to mirror the Henokiens, and is made to represent a station that allows travel through time, and it weighs more than a duck, then it is made of wood.

And therefore?

You really didn't think I was going anywhere with this, did you?

A Diet Dharma Dew to those worthy of Sir Bedeviere's conclusion to my logic.

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