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Monday, June 30, 2008

Watchback: Confidence Man

Its interesting that Jack wants to kill Saywer and Kate asks him why he doesn't just do it and then Jack said that "Were not savages yet" Well in season 4 look like Jack devolved a bit when he tried to shoot Locke.

I love how the first time that we meet Sawyer in one of the first episodes he reading the letter, there's so much story told in that moment and now we find out whats in the letter.

Its also interesting how Locke really plays Sayid when Sayid confronts him about being knocked out. It was really Locke who did it, but then Locke played on the fight that Sayid had with Sawyer and even gives him a knife in order to lead sayid off his trail.

I love Charlie & Hurley's Peanut Butter conversation and Hurley telling him why he hadn't lost weight.

Sayid & Jacks part were interesting in this, Jack allowed Sayid to torture Sawyer, but in Season 2 Jack has second thoughts about it when he wants to torture Henry Gale (Ben). While it was great meeting Danielle, its to bad that Sayid stops with her, it would have been interesting if Sayid would have been able to explore more of the island and have some adventures.

Sawyer kept trying to act like a jerk, but he definitely has a conscience, he couldn't pull the scam when he saw the kid his age unlike the real sawyer, He took care of Casady and his baby, he told Jack about his run in with Christian. He even sacrificed himself by jumping off the helicopter. He had a relapse in season 2 like most of the characters, but he's really a good guy. He just seems bad at first.

I love the peanut Butter scene between Claire & Charlie at the end. This show has so many great little character moments mixed in with the main stories.

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