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Monday, June 9, 2008

Twenty Minutes of Post-Island Linus

It it's kinda catchy, isn't it? Post-Island, Linus. An almost rhyme.

Anyway, what I am referring to are the videos of Ben Linus, after the turn of the Frozen Donkey Wheel. Paul had requested a compilation of what we know about Ben's activities off island in Season 4. YouTube restricts videos to ten minutes, so there are two videos chalk full of Benry - starting in Tunesia and ending at Hoffs/Drawler.

Anyway - the videos are up at YouTube and I have asked Paul to post them here, as for some reason I cannot get them to post. Bucky has no problem - they show up on his site just fine, but not here. Strange. Here's the link to YouTube, though I hope Paul can just throw them up here directly: Part One Part Two Ok - Bucky insisted on that shameless plug.

Look for them soon here at Room 23! Great suggestion, Paul. It was a labor of love. Good stuff.


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