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Monday, June 2, 2008

The Sun Kwon Debate: Evil or Working a Con for the Greater Good?

First of all. I want to say this is my first attempt at video editing. I am so not knowing what I am doing...but somehow I managed to create exactly what I wanted. The real trick will be...can I do it again! I am especially proud of the smash-cut ending. I do not know why I love the sound effect so much ("poom"), but it completes anything "LOST" properly. I wouldn't be satisfied without it. Enough blathering..."Just wait 'til you see what I'm about to do!" I sound like (shudders) Locke.

BIG debate over the next #%$# months will be: What in the time traveling bunny is Sun up to? Is she evil??? Turned bitter and angry over the loss of her husband and father of her child? Looking for revenge and the destruction of a couple's happiness - namely Desmond David Hume and Penelope Widmore? Or is this a dangerous game, attempting to play Widdy in a long con to get what she wants (information on the island) while also destroying the man responsible for sending the nut job (Keemy) that blew up the boat and turned Jin into Arzt Chunks? Something else entirely??? We just don't know enough...yet.

But let us begin with this. And this is where my new-found video editing attempt originates. Below is a scene from "There's No Place Like Home - Part 3". Sun meets Widmore in London. Some folks have made mention that Sun looks like she swallowed a bug as she walked away from the conversation. Others think she is supremely confident and is a different, more sinister character than the Sun we have known. Watch the clip and make the call.

Napoleon mentioned this in the TB on AICN and I agree with him whole-heartedly. We would LOVE to see some more feedback in the Comments sections here in Room 23. As you watch the video clip, weigh in on the "Sun Debate". What kind of Character are we going to see in season 5? Comment here and/or jump into the fray at AICN (Link below).

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