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Friday, June 20, 2008

Latino Review Pins Down Richard Alpert....He's Likely to be a Regular!!!

Latino Review has an interview with our favorite Dorian Gray himself, Nestor Carbonell aka Richard Alpert. In the interview, Nestor is asked what he has lined up, and he states, "I'm working on 'Lost' so I will be returning to that in August." So, fellow Losties, it would seem that, since production on Season 5 begins in August, our man may just be promoted to series regular (fingers crossed).

LatinoReview: What do you have coming up next after this?

Carbonell: I'm working on 'Lost' so I will be returning to that in August. I'm also current working, coincidentally, on the Batman cartoon. This is called 'Batman: The Brave and the Bold'. It's the next Warner Brothers version of Batman, the cartoon.

Read Full Interview Here: Latino Review

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Napoleon Park said...

Now if I was blurbing this article I'd lead with "Nestor 'Batmanuel' Carbonell replaces Adam West on Batman." Totally misleading in a tabloid manner, of course, but West did play the Mayor of Gotham City on the animated series "The Batman". (He also plays "Mayor Adam West" on Family Guy).

I loved the typo in the article where it says that he plays "the Mayor of Gotham City and The Dark Night". Uh, well, no, that should be an "in" or "on", not "and". Christopher Bale plays The Dark Knight and I'm assuming a film studio with the lights turned down low plays "The Night".

Great news about Richard Alpert as a possible Lost recurrer, and
I loved the Dorian Gray reference. I wonder which Dharma Station Richard keeps his magic portrait in.