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Saturday, June 7, 2008

LOST: SHOOTING GALLERY full sized board

Here's the full 16" x 16" LOST: SHOOTING GALLERY game board for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to download, resize, manipulate of trim as need be.
Here are the simplified rules (cut'n'paste and print'n'save)


Print out the game board and cards.
You'll need a game piece (button, coin, toy soldier)
and a 1-4 spinner or one di.

YOU are Jack, Sawyer, Locke, Sayid, Jin,
or Richard Alpert, Mikhail,
or Keamy, Omar.

Start on GO and travel counter-clockwise.

Alexandra, Danielle, Bonnie, Greta, Shannon,
Mrs. Klugh, Mr. Friendly, blonde sniper casualty,
Nadia, Ethan Rom - TEN POINTS

Charlotte in flak vest - FIVE POINTS
? - Penny - TEN points IF you spin or roll a 1.
AnaLucia- 10 points, WA- card
Libby - 10 points, LT card
(If you collect both WA and LT you get the boy and the boat
and leave the game a winner... unless you return.)

Naomi - knife card, lose 25 points.
Nikki - Medusa Spider - you are comatose, lose three turns.
Claire - Explosion - Now you're a spooky ghost.
(You may continue playing but you can't win.)
Isabel or Arzt - Dynamite - you (boom) LOST

First person to leave with Boy and Tugboat (WA-LT) wins or...
First person with 100 points (ten kills) wins.

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Edshrinker said...

I am speechless, NP. That is all fantastic. Thank you for all the time you must have spent fleshing all of that out. Many many "atta boys" go your way from this direction My man. I may have missed it (and seeing it is SO critical to LOST -not-)is there any thype of reward/punishment for hooking up with Kate as Sawyer or Jack? Extra points to be the one she choses somehow?