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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thoughts on Pilot 2

Its cool how they now show Charlies part of the on airplane story and why he was in such a hurry. Although where did he think that he was going to run? They were on an airplane.

Its also interesting watching Sun and knowing what a lyer she was about her English and about so many other things.

Another thing was the fact that after watching Sayid fight Keemy & Mikail Sayid I'm surprised that Sayid didn't just wipe the floor with Sawyer. I guess that he was going easy on him?

I love how Jin offers the fish to Hurley, but he says that hes not that hungry.

The scene with Sawyer sitting in the turbine piece reading his letter was such a great character moment, so iconic of him.

I love the Locke Walt moments, they work well together.

I love how much Jin gets freaked out when Claire has him feel her stomach.

I'm surprised that with all of their later hunger needs that they didn't try to drag Sawyer's Polar Bear back the the beach for food.

I love how Hurley faints when helping Jack work on.

Also how Sawyer is able to call Kate on her Con. That Marshall is a great actor, the character is a jerk though.

Watching this I'm wondering why we never really got any Charlie, Boone moments. That would have been interesting. I kind of wish that would have kept him a little longer.

There's Danielle's message again, Darlton has such a great way of introducing new characters with such minimalism. We learn a lot about her long before we see her.

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