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Friday, April 11, 2008

The Constant - Mini-Watchback thoughts

I noticed something on the “map” Frank was using to get back to the ship. They were supposed to fly 40 miles north then 7K east. Who mixes miles and k’s?

Des should submit this one for award consideration. He did a great job.

I missed this before, but Dan said if they veered off course there would be side effects, and Frank reiterated this. So it looks like the storm throwing them just the wee bit off that it did caused Des’s effects.

“We last port in Fiji, so at least we know we’re in the pacific.” So the freighties only kind of know where they are. I wonder if that’s homage to Michael destroying systems on the boat or if they know there’s the (invisotexted theory here) expanded triangle thing...if there actually is an expanded triangle thing.

I know this is a stretch, but the vile the Dr took solution out of and injected into Minkosky looked an awful lot like CR4 815162342...the med Des shot into his arm in the S2 premier.

Reminder – CR in med terms is timed or controlled release

Sayid’s face when Des said it was 1996...priceless. Juliet had more of a WTF look, and Jack was more like are you believing this shit. And end that scene with Because I need you to find me. Man......I love this.

“You can’t change the future.” So says Faraday. I believe that’s the fate side of the argument.

And I just had a thought about that. Do you suppose maybe this will end up being a battle between those who actually want fate to determine everything versus those who want free will to?

Faraday also said it would unstuck Eloise in time. That would seem to lend credence to the all times at once theory.

Faraday said he could help Des, but “Faraday can’t even help himself.” That would seem to indicate he’s been needing a constant for awhile. He’s got the sickness. And that’s why there were the cards.

Best line – After your call someone has to tell me precisely what’s going on.

The phone call

Penny knows about this island because she’s been researching....garbled...and when I spoke to Charlie...

Okay, so researching what?

At the end of that scene did you notice how Des looked down...kinda averting his eyes? If Des now knows all time at once, then he may know what Sayid has done, has become, or maybe even knows what happens to everyone.

I don’t think Des is only Daniel’s constant if that’s the case.

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