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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dark UFO Brings the Goods...Again!

Here is a little scoop for you all from a contact who has always provided me with excellent filming information.

- A Big scene is being planned for filming currently involving the Rescue
- The Freighter people are NOT the ones that do the rescuing
- The Season finale will leave you ballistic as far as cliffhangers go.

So who does rescue the Oceanic 6? I'm guessing Penny.

Source: DarkUFO

Interesting stuff no doubt. I can't think of a better scenario than Penny swooping in to save the day, but with the "LIE" that is being required of the O-6, wouldn't it make more sense for Chuckles Widmore or Abaddon to be the big man behind the rescue?

And we will be "ballistic" over the cliffhanger? Oh boy. BigE, let the countdown begin...230 bottles of beers on the wall, 230 bottles of beer...

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