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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Michael (Rumor)

Michael kills again?
Posted by DarkUFO

I've just been sent the following info from someone who appears to have some verified credentials, however as I've not confirmed this yet with my other regular sources, I'm going to place this in the rumours section.Note: This is a summary from a much more detailed email that was sent me in order to protect the privacy of the individuals concerned.

Alex is killed by Michael after he shoots her in the head.


Vincent's Brother said...

Nice to know Michael has turned his life around. WTF??? As somebody working for Ben, how does killing an innocent teenager help his cause?

I don't buy this one Paul. I got sucked in on the Italian story that had Abaddon, Jack, and somebody named Emelio (who was talking on the phone to Mr. Avellino) meeting in a parking garage. It turned out to be a hoax - so I took the post down.

I think this little story follows suit. It just makes no sense - and aside from shock value, it serves no purpose. I HOPE it's not true.

Paul Burrows said...

Thats the thing about the Rumors it could be true, but probably not, but its fun to speculate about it.