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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mini-watchback - Eggtown thoughts

I love sarcastic Ben. It’s not something we saw before this season...I don’t think.

I think I asked this question before, but it still puzzles me. Locke tells Kate it’s not a democracy and Kate says it must be a dictatorship. “If it was a dictatorship I’d just shoot you and go about my business.” So is this telling us Locke is not strong enough a leader to be either?

I think we’ll see the answer to that is Yes later this season.

Okay, so for the rest of it I didn't find any real "reveals"...except for maybe Aaron. So I played a little game with the rest of the episode.

Darlton said in the podcast that the title Eggtown only referred to the eggs Locke made at the beginning of the episode. We found out/speculated when we first watched it Eggtown was a reference to deals being made. So I counted the deals referenced in this episode.

Deal 1 – Hurley asking Kate not to rat him out for being scoobie-dooed

Deal 2 – Miles making a deal with Kate to see Ben

Deal 3 – Kate’s lawyer telling her the deal for 15 year sentence and serving 7 (turned down)

Deal 4 (a stretch) – Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Deal 5 (an inferred deal) – The lie

Deal 6 (as in agreement) – Sawyer helping Kate “bust Ben out”

Deal 7 – Locke giving Sawyer his word he wouldn’t do anything to Kate

Deal 8 – 3.2 million

Deal 9 – The deal Kate’s mom tried to make to see Aaron

Deal 10 – Tell me what I want to know or eat grenade

Deal 11 – Kate getting off with time served and the stay 10 years in Cali thing

Deal 12 – The lawyer giving Jack the heads up about where Kate would be released because he owed him one

Deal 13 – If you change your mind about not seeing the baby, come and see us

Okay, I can see where it’s about the eggs Locke fixed at the front of the episode.


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