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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mini-watchback - Thoughts on The Other Woman

We know some pretty wild shit about people on the island, especially the Others, Jacob, Alpert, Ben, etc. At the beginning of the episode Harper said pretty soon Juliet would realize she’s no different than anyone there (of course, this was before the crash). But think about how “special” these people were/are. If Juliet, a fertility specialist who got her cancer-ridden sister pregnant, is no different than anyone else, then she’s got “abilities” we ain’t seen yet.

Maybe we’ll see more in her file.

Ben was about as creepy as possible in the scene outside Juliet’s “new humble abode”.

According to Dark UFO, the whispers say the following.

“He can die"
"You never Know"
"This is Lipidis?"
"I told you" "There is no way to stop them"
"I Know"

Okay, now keeping that in mind, think about Juliet asking Harper how can Ben know where Faraday and Charlotte are when he’s a prisoner and Harper responding Ben’s exactly where he wants to be. I brought this up when we originally saw it, but I think this is more of a reference of Ben and the all times converge thing. And I also think the next to the last line in the whispers above was Ben.

Somehow, someway there is a gateway. Harper came and went through it, and the things the people at this gateway are seeing and saying is what the whispers really are.

And the “By pointing the gun and pulling the trigger’ line bothered me then and bothers me now. It seems like something Ben would tell someone to do...not “smokie” who seems to want redemption rather than war.

Pregnancy. The death thing is triggered by the immune system. Okay, I’ve thought this for awhile, but if there are powers on the island that build sperm counts and heal wounds quickly, might those same powers mistake a pregnancy as a invasion of the body by another foreign body. Juliet never finishes her wondering about why this happens only to women who conceive on the island. Can’t imagine what else she’d say.

On the all time converges thing. If that’s true, why didn’t Ben already know about Goodwin? Why does Des only see certain things and not completely? Maybe it’s all time converges, but you can still only see pieces at a time.

Unless...maybe there is one person that does see it all.

Node was right...or maybe it was Ed, The her Juliet looks like is not Annie. It’s his mom. Go back and look at the painting on the wall when Ben opens the door and greets Juliet for the dinner party.

Best line – This didn’t have a number on it, did it?

I’ll say it again. If you do not think there will be a major religious “theme” as the show goes along, go back and listen to the virgin Mary speech when Ben compares the mold on the side of the house to what will happen if the island is found.

The scene where Ben shows Juliet Goodwin’s body shows Ben has lost control...or at least that he should now know he can’t control everything like he apparently thought he could.

And he is one creepy dude...further shown by the Hurley and Sawyer seen.

And I bet Juliet eventually (proably this season) dies to protect Jack.

Oh yeah...and that 4-toed statue/Collossus of Rhodes theory mentioned below also came from the watchback of this episode.

Right or wrong, that's why we do these things.

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