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Friday, April 11, 2008

My thoughts on "The Constant"

Its interesting how different the frighter crew on the frighter are then the away team. Most of them are jerks on the boat.

I love how they introduce Mikowski using him to readress the sickness.

My guess with the new episodes, Frank has taken the thugs to the island to storm the barracks. Miles, Charlotte & Faraday are on the island Regina, Mikowski is dead. So all that is left is Captain Gault, the doctor Ray and a few background ship hands. Im guessing that Sayid, Desmond & Michael are going to take out everyone and take the ship. Kind of like how Jim Hawkins did in Treasure Island. Maybe thats why that one individual washed up on the shore?

I love the flash with Faraday, he even acts messed up back then. I also love the Back to the Future tip of the hat.

Faraday & Desmonds conversation is alot like the 3.2 million conversation, my guess is that 3.2 million means 3.2 million.

I love how the Misfit calls Eloise a rabbit.

I love how seamless the transitions are with desmonds flashes.

Its cool watching now that we know for certain that Michael destroyed the communications room and opened the door.

I also loved how the Misfit said that Ben was in the Widmore auction scene. Its awsome that we even get more island history in this episode!

I love the Desmond Penny I love you scene, a real tear jerker. Its interesting tat Penny says that she has been researching the island.

It will be interestin to find out what time traveling that Faraday has done & why Desmond is his Constant.

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