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Thursday, April 3, 2008

My thoughts on The Economist

I love Sayid and how closed Naomi's eyes out of respect.

It was shocking when Sayid just pulls the gun out and shoots the golfer.

It was so cool seeing Sayid in a Bond like role.

Its funny how Sayid catch's Miles off guard by letting him come. Sawyer's piggies line was also funny.

I love Jack & Kate's back & forth about going to find Charlotte.

I find it odd that when Faraday wants to talk to Regina on the boat for his experiment That Frank would tell him if Mikowski gets on to hang up. Why would they be affraid of Mikowski? (Who by the way took his boating trip during last episode.

Its something how Darlotn at first tricks us to believe that Hurley was against Locke by not finishing Hurley objection.

It was nice that they followed up on the Red Soxs game that Ben had shown Jack.

I love Hurley's comment about being sent another Sawyer.

Hurley's breakdancing comment was awsome.

Sayids comment about trusting Ben was interesting since he ended up working for him.

Ben sure loves those Lists he had Ethan, Goodwin, Sayid & Michael make up lists of people.

It was sad that Elisa died.

When Charlotte & Faraday said that they have work tp do they were probaly refering to shutting off the Tempist among other things.

It was freaky to see that Ben was Sayids boss. Im guessing that Nadia will get killed and that Ben uses it to recruit him.

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