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Thursday, April 17, 2008

PROMO PICS from Ep 4x10: Something Nice Back Home

Some nice spoileris ideas from the pics released by ABC. A Sawyer/Locke standoff, a very sick/injured Dr. Doolittle, Claire looking not to pleased with Sawyer playing Chaaaalie's git-her. In addition, Juliet and her cans looking very motherly while Kate stands by wanting to look motherly. Looks like a good one, folks. Let the speculation begin!!

Source: ABC


Paul Burrows said...

Ed, great job finding these pictures, they got me really excited for the episode. I only wish that when I clicked on them they would have enlarged. Maybe next time click on the image at DarkUFO or where ever and cut and paste those so that they can be enlarged on our blog. Great job though on that find and in general!

Vincent's Brother said...

Yeah - I was planning to do just that Paul. But there were SO MANY pictures, it would have taken forever to upload tham in bigger pixel size - it took 45 minutes to do it like this my guess it would have doubled the time it took and I just didn't have the patience. You are right, though, If you are going to do something, do it RIGHT! Woof.