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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Questions and Answers With Henry Ian Cusick

I know you don't like spoilers, but can you say anything about what we can expect for Desmond in the upcoming new episodes?
Desmond stays on the freighter. And you'll see more shenanigans on the freighter.

Will we see Penny again this season?
That I honestly don't know.

What do you think will ultimately happen to Desmond?
Since he's not one of the Oceanic Six., my thinking is he's on the island. I am guessing there are some survivors and if they have the Oceanic Six that wants to go back, I am guessing some people are alive on the island and maybe Desmond is part of it. Or maybe not. Does he find Penny? I don't know.

Do you think Desmond will die on the show?
I am guessing he does die.

Why do you say that?
I just have a feeling.

Source: Washington Post - Full Article

So, Des thinks he's a goner. I hope there isn't a real life time traveler in that mellon of his that is flashing to this possible future. This Lost fan wants to see Penny and Desmond on a beautiful yacht, sailing off around the world leaving psycho Daddy Chuckles far behind...hopefully pushing a button somewhere. Here's to a happy ending for Pesmond.

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(Bucky/Vincent's Brother says thank you for the prayers. Paw is getting better.)

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Paul Burrows said...

Actually Darlton said that Lost revolves around Desmond & Penny's relationship. So I think that He won't die.