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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Room 23's Own "Enhanced" Watchback.

I thought I'd make some screen shots of a few things that I found interesting to "Enhance" our very cool watchback of the best hour of TV in years. AKA: Episode 4x05 - The Constant.

Do we have any amateur (or professional for that matter) physicists hanging around that can make anything out of DannyBoy's chalkboard?

The top one that is cut off is some type of diagram on time and I think the one below it is a singularity or Black Hole...maybe a wormhole? I haven't a clue (Damn you John Crichton!)

The next series of shots is when Des is making his mad dash out of Dr Daniel Faraday's lab (poor Eloise) and out to find his Constant.

You see as he heads down the stairwell, he hits bottom and then collapses against the wall...

And well, our friend Army Desmond morphs into Lostie Desmond before our eyes. Watching it in motion, it was done quite well IMO. It had a nice flow to it and fooled my eyes for a second. Desmond's mall hair is what gave the transition away.

This scene was important only to those of us who wanted to hold on to the theory that their consciousness were swapping places, and when Army Des shot to the future, his Lostie self jumper into his Army head. The stuff we got from the PTB kinda shot that idea down - as does this as clearly Army Des is about to take a digger and hit the floor while the consciousness is springing his Lostie self to life. So, in essence, Desmond's Lostie consciousness went on a vacation from the time the storm hit until he established Penny as his constant. Most likely, it was JUST IN TIME as well. Scrambled Eggs for brains were on the menu in short order if Des doesn't make that house call.

Forgive the quality of the screencaps - I just started in on some new software and I am feeling my way around it still. I hope I can use it for good, not evil, and get better at utilizing it to post some pics of our own instead of "borrowing" from everyone else. I HATES that.

I hope everyone enjoyed their 2nd (3rd, 4th, 5th, 10th) watching of The Constant. And I beg of thee - use our comments section to share your take of the episode and the stuff we post here. Any input, any criticism, especially atta boys, are welcome and helpful.


Edshrinker (Vincent's Brother gave me his log in...poor sick boy is asleep at my feet!)


Paul Burrows said...

Is there a reason for the big non invisotext blackspace after the pictures?

Vincent's Brother said...

Hmmm. Let me check that.

Vincent's Brother said...

Yeah, if you can fix it Paul, be my guest. I tried to move the text up the right side to the top - and every time I did I would manage to delete pictures accidentally. That - and for some reason a big gap kept appearing between 'or' and 'professional' for no reason. I couldn't fix it to save my life. If you can, give it a shot. If you delete a pic, I can put it back in (of course then the text will probably screw up).

Maximus Prime said...

Is this working Ekooo, Ekoo, Ekoo

Vincent's Brother said...

It's working MP