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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

(Rumor) Ana Lucia

I found this in the DarkUFO Rumor section and anything there you7 have to take with a huge grain of salt since unlike the spoiler section none of it is confirmed. Also take into acount the fact that this was submitted by some fan that happened to run into Ana Lucia at a Stackbucks.

"I just received the trill of my life as I saw Michelle Rodriguez at a Starbucks and I got the courage to say hi. I told her I loved Ana Lucía and I asked if she'll be haunting Michael anytime soon. She said LOST is in her past BUT she did submit a "special" picture of herself at the request of an annonymous source and she said though she's done acting on LOST it doesn't mean Ana Lucía won't show up again. Her exact words "May Sweeps is competitive and a few twists in the plot always help""

Sooooooo excited!!! My guess: Ben will reveal something shocking about her??? Her mother??? In realtion to Michael???


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