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Thursday, April 10, 2008

(Rumor) Casting

I was in starbucks the otherday (where i work) and christopher eccleston came in (invisable guy in heroes and dr who star) i asked if he would make a return to heroes he said yes and a return to dr who and he will be a new character in lost last episode of season 4 as a rescuer he will have the last shot in the current season (and is craping it) this was last mont i didnt think anything of it until i read ur post on the spoilers page thanks for a great website have a good one james from manchesterSource: James@DarkUFO

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Vincent's Brother said...

WOW! Love it, Paul. Nice find. What an interesting development. That actor is too good NOT to be more than just the finale. Like to see him in season 5 as well. Wonder who he works for (as a rescuer)? Will his Ep change if we get a 14th? Will they reorder the Eps(my guess is YES)? The finale is the finale, but maybe they squeeze one in between 4x10 and 4x11 - something like that.