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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Annie (Rumor)

I just found this on DarkUFO's Rumor Section. Remember that Rumors are unfounded, Could be true, but probably not. But it would be interesting if true. Highlight below to read the rumor.

Annie = Widmore's Daughter?

My good friend DocArzt has just posted the following rumour on his site.

What do you think?

A rumor has landed on my doorstep that is at the same time ludicrous and intriguing, fatally flawed, yet reeking of the sort of 'ah-ha' moments that make Lost such a tickler of our WTF centers. What is this rumor? I have two words for you:

Annie Widmore

The information suggests that Widmore has been trying to find the island since the purge, because at that time he lost contact with the denizen's and care-takers of his daughter. Now, there are some fundamental problems with this information, but nothing greater than any of the other potholes the writers have dodged to bring us LOST's far fetched tale:

1) Annie's Accent. Annie does not have a British accent. The information suggests, however, that Annie was suffering from a life threatening illness at a very young age and was placed in the care of Dharma so that she might survive. Because the island had to be kept a secret, Widmore never even told Annie's younger sister, Penny, that Annie was taken away.

2) Widmore's quest. Why wouldn't Widmore know where the island is if this is all true? Probably because Ben did something to make the island unreachable.

Is it possible this is true? If it is, what would the implications be? For starters, Widmore is not the thug Ben claims him to be. But what about everything else that is going on with the four freighties? How would their quests fit into this plot?

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Source: DocArzt

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