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Saturday, April 19, 2008

(Rumors) (Unconfirmed) Episode 4.9

- All(or most of) the Losties that went with Locke who have no speaking roles are killed by the freighties.

- Sawyer kills a couple of freighties, saves Claire and Aaron, and escapes with them and Miles thinking he might be able to use Miles as a hostage.

- Miles makes it clear that the freighties dont care about him.

- Ben controls the smoke monster and uses it to kill all the freighties who attack the camp (except Keamy) to Locke's and Hurley's amazement.

- Keamy makes the smoke monster run away with a device that apparently produces some kind of electromagnetic reaction.

- Ben runs away with Hurley and Locke and Alex is shot dead by Keamy.

- Jack realizes Charlotte has been spaeking to the freighter this whole time through another phone and has tells them where Ben is hiding.Source: Melissa via IMDB

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