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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spoiler Epiosode 4.9

Episode 4.09 - The Shape of Things to Come - It's a Bloodbath!
Posted by DarkUFO

Just thought I'd let you in on some info about the upcoming episode, The Shape of Things to Come, which in the words of my source "kicks some serious ass"!

Here is some info about the episode that has not been posted.

Note: This is my sources comments. Their interpretation of a Major Character may differ from yours and mine :) (And no, I personally don't know who this character is)

The invasion of the island commences. In the first 15 minutes 3 characters are killed (minor ones). Later in the episode some one is shot in the head execution style, but it’s not who you think if you’ve seen any promos. This character is a major one. Source: DarkUFO

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Vincent's Brother said...

I'm really thinking this is Tania Ramonde (Alex). There was a rumor about her taking one like this and I ask myself: What could happen (after everything Ben has done) that could possibly unite the Losties and Ben, make their sympathies come into line. Having them see his daughter shot in the melon would garner alot of sympathy towards Ben I think. Maybe enough to help him.