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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spoiler - More from the Locke/Alpert Flashback

Late word from Wahiawa United Methodist Church, reporting several “gorgeous” 1950s or 1960s cars. And one of them was apparently enlisted to film a dramatic scene in which a little girl (perhaps five years of age) runs out of a house and gets struck in the street.

Source: Hawaii Blog

This matches up with the time frame from the Locke-centric episode in 4x11. Fit this little tidbit in with a previous spy report:

Yup, that is right Richard Alpert is at Locke's birth!?

So was Alpert traveling through time under Ben's orders or perhaps with Locke back to his birth...!?

Is Locke the chosen one and Alpert and the natives of the island knew this all before the crash even happened!?

BTW, this does confirm that this episode is indeed a Locke Centric Flashback."

Put these two together and what do you have? The little girl would tie into Locke's backstory. Is this Locke's big sister who has an accident? Why does Momma Locke give up her son? What part is Richard playing in all of this?

If only we could bend time - and have the 24th arrive today. Hang in there, folks!


Napoleon Park said...

If, as speculated, Richard Alpert is some kind of immortal or cursed with longevity, he wouldn't need to time travel to have been at an event in the past.

Paul Burrows said...

Thats what I was thinking.

Vincent's Brother said...

True - but without knowledge of the future, how does Richard know Locke is to be important? Or is he there to make sure Locke is molded into who they need later?

God I love this show.

Paul Burrows said...

I would think that the island some how know Past Present & Future and tells Alpert?