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Saturday, April 12, 2008

LOST Promo:4x09 - Shape of Things to Come

This Promo is just fraking ridiculous. BigE, is it time yet??? Are we there yet?? Are we there yet??? I have to go PeePee. Are we there yet???

The sound of Smokie as Ben peaks out the blinds...could smokie perhaps come to the rescue of our gang and take out the FTs (Freighter Thugs)? Hurley meets smokie first, apparently, but I could see it swoosh off to protect him. After the way my NCAA bracket turned out, don't put money on any of my predictions, except...

Holy Horsehide! I was right about Keamy and his threat to Linus that he'd kill his daughter! Someday, I will be in the same league as tHe mIsFiT. Someday...

Posted by Edshrinker.
(Say a prayer for poor Bucky/Vincent's Brother's badly infected paw. Hard to type with a bad paw!)

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