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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thoughts on Confirmed Dead

Sorry this is late, been busy and had some episode problems.

I fast forwarded the previously of Lost and it was funny, because the characters went all chipmunk voice.

My guess is that Faraday like others have mentioned remembers 815's crash, but doesn't remember is that 815 is connected to Desmond who is Faraday's constant.

It was good hearing Mikowski again and its interesting that Zoe Bell's name is in the credits.

I love how Locke just enjoys standing out in the rain, I guess with all the walking there’s not much chance for a Shower? He never really tells people about what his plans are a lot of detours.

"Back up handsome" Miles is a jerk from the start.

I wonder if Miles tip from his friend in the police has any significance?

It’s also odd that Miles puts something back in the hole in the wall. Maybe that is why the picture frames are different when he goes upstairs as when he comes down. Maybe Miles travels time like Desmond and had to put something in the wall?

I love how Ben plays with Karl's & Sawyer's minds.

Its interesting that Charlotte goes strait for the Polar Bear dig as if she knows exactly what she looking for. Maybe, Charlotte, Faraday and Miles have all time traveled?

Charlotte sure had a look of shock when she realized that Locke's group didn't want to be found.

That voice on the phone when Frank calls Oceanic almost sounds like Ben. What if Ben was the one that sent the plane to the island?

That was something that Ben shot Charlotte to get rid of one of Widmores people.

Its interesting how adamant that Abandon is about the story about there being no survivors.

Its also interesting that Regina (Zoe Bell) comes on the radio. I guess that it’s during this episode that Mikowski takes his boat ride.

It’s also interesting that we now find out about the freighter peoples or Widmores need to find & kill Ben. And how Ben is always holding onto information that he can use to get out of problems.

We also find out about Ben's man on their boat Michael.

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