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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thoughts on "The Other Woman"

It's interesting hearing Tom talk about Harper making him cry about his Father af6ter the information comfirmed about him in Kevin Johnson. It also fits the continuing theme of most of the characters having "Daddy Issues"

The scene where Charlotte knocks Kate out reminds me of when Misfit talks about how rude Kate was to fall asleep when Faraday was talking with her.

Juliet is very pretty in the flashback scenes.

Im still trying to figure out if Harper was refering to Ben's Mom or Annie when she said that Juilet looked like "Her".

I loved Ben's question to Locke about weither there was a number on the rabbit.

Man, Juliet look good in a bathing suit.

Im curious, since Goodwin got sent off to the tailies to die what did Ethan do to get sent off. This whole thing reminds me of the Bible story of David & Bathsheba.

Its interesting hearing Ben tell Locke to sit down and knowing who his "Man on the boat" is.

I love watching love sick Ben, very creepy. Also the mention of the two Tailie kids. Its also interesting listening to Ben talk about how Goodwin was trying to argue for Ana Lucia.

I was trying to remember who Faraday reminds me of and I just remembered, The Rick Morranis character in Ghostbusters.

Ben refers to sending Tom & Pickett to check on Goodwins death. Im guessing that they were the ones dragging the teddy bear that Jin & Eko saw.

Looks like Hurley got his luck back, I Ben's jaunty little walk at the end and Sawyers reaction.

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