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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Confirmed Dead - Mini Watchback Thoughts

We all wondered why Dan was crying at the beginning of this episode. My thought is it’s because he hadn’t found his constant yet. He knew something was wrong with what he was seeing because of his future-self, but wouldn’t know what until he met Desmond.

Locke is special. Locke is in touch with the island. He knows when the rain is about to stop.

Hurley is special. We’re not sure if Hurley is in touch with the island or not, but Hurley knows about the cabin and where it is while it’s missing from where Locke saw it. So are Hurley and Locke in touch with the same thing? If not, does that mean there’s more than 1 force on the island? If that’s true, are there more than 2?

Walt’s special too, right?

There has to be a reason they focused on the boy’s pic...twice. I don’t know what it is, but we will see it again.

Our future-selves might look back on this season and call it the How-to-beat-up-Ben episodes.

Lapedus is a crack pilot that was supposed to be flying 815 that fatal day. Anyone wanna make bets that someone of means probably made sure he wasn’t flying the plane on that flight?

I still don’t get why Naomi was worried about finding survivors of 815. Thinking back I don’t see any clue of this event occurring getting off the island. So are we to take this as not only was the wreckage staged, but the crash was planned and orchestrated? Does Widmore really have this kind of power?

Excellent introduction of the freighters, and a pretty killer episode to boot.

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